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Charlie & Ruby's big adventure

We have received a very generous and very much appreciated donation of £100 from Adrian, Sarah and their Borders, Charlie & Ruby in recognition of the help and support they had from Dave & Sheila in their hour of need.  A BIG THANK YOU TO THEM ALL - read on to find out what happened.

Adrian writes . . .

While out walking in the Peak District with the dogs last Friday in the wintry weather, I slipped and managed to break my leg. This turned out to be very poor timing on my part, as we were quite a way from help, the mobile signal was poor, and it was snowing, so it took an hour before the Ambulance arrived.

Fortunately, Sarah managed to find help at the nearest cottage, while the dogs stood guard and tried to lick me better. Dave, the owner, came out with blankets, then helped the paramedics carry me back to the road and into the Ambulance, and he took-in the dogs while we went off to hospital.

The dogs ended up having to stay the night, as Dave got snowed-in and we weren’t able to have them collected, but they did okay and ended-up sleeping in the bed at a neighbor’s house! They both seem fine now that we are all back at home, although Ruby is a bit put out that she’s missing out on the cuddles she normally gets from me.

The reason I’m telling you all this is that Dave refused to accept anything by way of a thank you, so we said we’d make a donation to Border Terrier Welfare in his honor!  And would you be able to put a post on your website by way of acknowledgement?  Something like: Thanks to Dave and Sheila for looking after Ruby and Charlie for the night while their owner was in hospital.

Thanks from BTW

In reply and on behalf of BTW I would like to thank Adrian for thinking of us and for offering a donation. Also to Dave and to Sheila for their help in caring for Charlie and Ruby in their hour of need as well as for Dave’s help in getting  Adrian to safety.

Well done everyone.
Tony Wrenn


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