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Go Fund Me help for Dennis

It is with a heavy heart that we write of 10 month old Border Terrier, Dennis.  In typical Border fashion, tried to destroy and consume a toy between Christmas & New Year, so ended up at the vets for surgical removal, which was just then the start of his troubles.

Dennis' story

After his emergency surgery on New Year's Day to remove the blockage caused by the bits of the toy Dennis had consumed, he went home the following weekend to continue his recuperation.  Sadly though, Dennis was re-admitted to the Vets on Monday 6 January after he started vomiting again.

After further investigation and treatment, it seems Dennis picked up what his Vet believes is a particularly virulent strain of gastroenteritis that is doing the rounds amongst the dog population locally, which is particularly poor timing for Dennis given that he was vulnerable after the first surgery.

Everything that can be done both medically and surgically has been done for Dennis so far and so it is a waiting game at the moment with the current treatment plan.

Dennis became part of the family to assist Rob in getting out more and improve his well-being whilst he is on leave from work with his own mental health challenges and at just 10 months old, Dennis & Rob have become inseparable.

You can read more of Dennis' story and see updates posted by Rob on his gofundme page.

Please support if you can

As we are all aware, large Vet bills that these health issues can generate put a strain on finances, so if you are able to contribute to the gofundme campaign for Dennis, your help would be most appreciated.  The target total shown in the link below may not be up to date as the treatment for Dennis continues, so please do support if you can.

Although we expect all funds collected will be spent in veterinary fees, during discussions with Rob, he has confirmed that if there is any surplus, it will be donated to BTW.

We are all thinking of Dennis, Rob and his family and hope that he can find the strength to pull through.


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