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Need Our Help?

If you require assistance for a Border Terrier, please reach out to your nearest Border Terrier Welfare Representative as indicated on the map below. If your situation is urgent and your local representative is unavailable, please contact us via or complete the contact form below.

With a wealth of knowledge about the breed and firsthand experience, many of our Representatives and Committee members are owners and breeders themselves. Border Terrier Welfare can offer guidance and direction to specialized help for various issues.

This may involve enabling dogs that need rehoming to remain in their current homes whenever feasible. If that's not possible, our team can offer support and assistance throughout the rehoming process, ensuring a smooth transition that minimizes stress for the dog.

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Find your nearest Representative

Donna-Marie Britton

0121 454 7041 or 07557 802361


Kevin Yeates

07761 761159


Trudi Baird

01326 564770


Mark Harvey

01769 581708

Dumfries and Galloway

Alastair & Janet Davies

01848 200774 or 07802 188860


John & Vanessa Jessop

07866 549484 or 07866 549487

Gloucester & and surrounding areas inc S&E Wales

Bill Gibbs

07973 963135


Linda Haston

07900 240355


Sarah Pateman

07988 473391


Martin Slater

01303 226511 or 07753 659500


Julie Hill

01526 397240 or 07956 239806

North East Scotland

Karen Webster

07903 064395

Oxon, Glos & Warks

Sue Channer

01367 718633 or 07932 650951


Di Waghorn

01994 419741

Somerset & Dorset

Helen Freeman

07976 968885

South Wales

Suzette Hopkins

07929 768695


Anne McNeish

07553 039171


Tony Wrenn

01932 224999 or 07789 902990

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Rehoming Enquiries

If you have a Border Terrier that you are needing to be re-homed, or that you are considering re-homing then as above please contact your closest Representative in the first instance.

We don't host a directory of Border Terriers for re-homing on our website, as we don't generally keep dogs.  We usually match Border Terriers coming into BTW to our waiting list of adoptees.  So at the time they are handed over to us, once checked over, they are then taken directly to their new home, as this is the least stress for the dog.

Where dogs are not able to go direct to their new home, they may stay with our network of foster carers whilst they have issues resolved or receive veterinary treatment.

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