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Ways to help
Border Terrier Welfare


Welcome to our page dedicated to supporting the cause of Border Terrier Welfare! Here, you'll discover numerous ways to make a meaningful difference in the lives of these wonderful dogs. Whether you're considering adoption, eager to fundraise, interested in browsing our online shop, or keen on supporting our affiliated merchants, you'll find opportunities to contribute to our mission of caring for Border Terriers in need. Join us in making a positive impact and enriching the lives of these beloved companions.

Make a Donation

Your donation matters. It directly impacts the lives of Border Terriers in need by providing essential care and support. Whether big or small, every contribution helps their journey to a better life.

Apply to Adopt

If you are thinking about offering one of our Border Terriers a new home, we invite you to contact us in the first instance by either approaching the nearest BTW representative, or by emailing or by completing our website contact form.

Our aim is to provide dogs with a home most suited to their needs. Therefore, before any dog is rehomed, a home visit will form part of the adoption process before we match to you to a Border Terrier.

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As a registered charity, we are wholly dependent on the donations, gifts and fundraising activities by ourselves and others.  We are grateful for amounts raised no matter now large or small, we recognise small donations all add up to larger ones, and together they enable us to do what we do through the generosity of those, like you, who give to Border Terrier Welfare.

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Sporty Sponsorships

Why not get active for Border Terriers! Run, walk, cycle or skydive for pledges to support their welfare and find loving homes.

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'In Aid Of' events

You could host an event in aid of Border Terrier Welfare. From bake sales to sponsored challenges, every effort helps these dogs.

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Give up for BTW!

Consider giving up luxuries or habits in aid of Border Terrier Welfare. Sacrifice a coffee or treat to make a difference.

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Give as you shop

Did you know that you can effortlessly contribute to Border Terrier Welfare (BTW) every time you shop online, at no extra cost to you? With just a few simple steps, you can turn your regular purchases into meaningful donations that support our cause.



By linking your Amazon Smile, Give as you Live, or Easy Fundraising account to Border Terrier Welfare, you can effortlessly donate while you shop. With access to thousands of retailers, these platforms automatically generate donations for us with each eligible purchase.



While each individual transaction may only contribute a few pennies, these small amounts quickly add up and make a significant impact on our ability to rescue and care for Border Terriers in need.

BTW Merchants

We have a number of small businesses who support us, many of them run by Border Terrier owners.  Through their generosity and brilliantly supportive customers, we receive donations on sales of some or all of their products, all without costing you any extra!

Take a look at our BTW Merchants page to see how they support us and shop knowing that you are supporting independent small businesses and your favourite charity at the same time!

Join the Community

We have several unofficial groups who are avid supporters of Border Terrier Welfare, with a variety of interesting and varied fundraising activities; some of which are regular events,
some are challenges only restricted by the imagination of the participants.

Note: none of these groups are in any way affiliated to Border Terrier Welfare.


A community of tweeting Border Terriers, over 1,150 worldwide at the last count, who are enthusiastic fundraisers for BTW, raising many thousands of pounds each year.  Along with creating a supportive online community, there are many tweet-ups where members meet in person around the country.

Sir Clapton Terrier does the admin, receiving regular applications to join - the only criteria being the twitter account must be for the BT.  Also on facebook.

Border Terrier Adventures

A facebook group of over 3,700 members for the sole purpose of enjoying BTs and to have fun.  

Huge supporters of BTW in fundraising activities, especially the amazing Paul Duce and Dame Jess Border who have raised many thousands of pounds with their challenges over the years.

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