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For those keen puzzlers who are also Border Terrier lovers, we've combined the two to launch our very own jigsaw puzzle range.


We were sent so many lovely images for our successful BTW Calendar 2022 photocall, we couldn't help but use some elsewhere too, so we've selected three which we hope you will love as much as us.


The puzzles are all the same size at 69cm x 48cm, and produced at either 1,000 piece for those who like a challenge or 500 piece, with larger pieces which are ideal for younger Border Terrier fans, those with poorer eyesight or the elderly to make puzzling more accessible for all.

The puzzles are produced by the same team who produce our Calendar each year, so we are proud to say they are British made and the same great quality you've come to expect from our Calendar.


BTW5001 - Jack on the sofa (500 piece)
Jack, a BTW rescue himself is perfect as our first ever puzzle.  As an assistance dog, it is fitting that he is available as a 500 piece puzzle to help make puzzling more accessible.  Larger pieces, combined with the colourful colours of his sofa blanket & cushions, make this an easier puzzle to complete to allow young and old to enjoy quality time puzzling together.


BTW5002 - Buff, Raven & Vesper in heather (1,000 piece)
Buffy, Raven & Vesper live in the Netherlands and represent our wider BTW supportive audience.  This lovely image demonstrates the ultimate Border Terrier focus (we just wonder how many treats were involved to capture the shot!).  Available as a 1,000 piece puzzle, this one is definitely a challenge with not one but three borders to separate!


BTW5003 - Charlie says "What?" (1,000 piece)
No Border Terrier puzzle collection would be complete without capturing the quintessential BT head tilt and we think this image of Charlie does that in style.  Available as a 1,000 piece puzzle, this is one for those who like a puzzle to be a bit more of a challenge.


BTW Border Terrier Jigsaw Puzzles - 500 & 1,000 piece

SKU: BTW-JP-500-5001-JACK
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