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Border Terrier Welfare celebrates 40 year Jubilee

Established in 1981, Border Terrier Welfare is now in it's fortieth year and you may have seen we've been celebrating with our BTW Jubilee activities.   After our BTW Jubilee Virtual Show for August Bank Holiday (check out the winners announced here in our blog), celebrations continued with our BTW Jubilee event last Sunday 18 September where we were excited to meet up in person for the first time since 2019 due to Covid.

Whilst the Virtual Show allowed Border Terrier owners to take part form anywhere, our Jubilee event was attended in person and we know that not everyone could make it, so we thought we'd capture a few thoughts from the day and share a few pictures for you all to see.

Our Tombola draw prizes were sent out this week to winners who had purchased tickets online and also the Virtual Show rosettes, certificates and prizes were dispatched too, so we'll also share a few posts from excited recipients.

A day to remember

BTW Jubilee Walk
The day dawned dry and bright, so we all breathed a sigh of relief, as first on the agenda was our BTW Jubilee Walk.  Attended by almost 50 people and nearly as many BTs, it could have descended into pandemonium, so it was up to our BTW Co-ordinator, Roger Newson, and walk leader, Matt Joy of BTPosse legend to keep order!  

Incidentally, we couldn't decide what the collective noun for a group of Border Terriers was . . . a havoc of Borders, a mayhem of Borders?  We settled on a chaos of Borders and it seemed fitting, but Roger & Matt managed to wrangle them in place so the walk finished with as many Borders as we started with, which we counted as a win.  Matt even managed to wrangle some of the walkers into a group photo for those who were still around and were able to gather together!

BTW Jubilee day continues at Woodmansterne
After the walk was complete, it was then on to Woodmansterne, where a buffet lunch awaits to refuel the hungry walkers and those joining us for the afternoon programme.  The lunch began with minute silence for Her Majesty the Queen and amazingly, even the roomful of Border Terriers present were calm, maybe paying their own tribute to one of the nation's greatest dog lovers.

After lunch, it was time to introduce our special celebrity guest, Sarah Champion and her lovely senior Border Terrier, Buckley.  A fireside chat with Sarah covered all things Border Terrier, along with insights into her career as an Actress, Presenter and DJ for Absolute Radio.  Sarah shared her own Border Terrier owning journey, with the challenge of owning a reactive BT, Lola (who stayed at home for the day) along with the changes as Buckley, now 15, has aged during his time with her.  

"Although the same breed, both my Borders have such different characters" says Sarah "Lola is a pocket rocket, ready to go at any opportunity, whereas Buckley looks at me and I can almost see him rolling his eyes!".  Many heads were nodding in the audience as Sarah shared the agony and ecstasies of Border Terrier ownership to which we could all relate.  "A roomful of Borders - this is my idea of Heaven!" Sarah exclaims looking around the room, and we all couldn't agree more. 

Presentation to Diana O'Grady
Diana O'Grady had been involved since the inception of Border Terrier Welfare until stepping down at out virtual AGM last year.  On behalf of all the Trustees, BTW Chairman, Tony Wrenn, gave a short speech of thanks and presented her with gifts commemorating her long service.  

A bespoke commemorative piece of engraved Dartington Crystal had been commissioned especially for Diana, along with a limited edition handcrafted solid silver broach by Sue Bland of A Unicorn Moon (one of our lovely BTW Merchants!) were presented, with a handmade card signed by all the Trustees on behalf of grateful Border Terriers everywhere for Diana's support and dedication to Border Terrier Welfare.

Fun Dog Show
The afternoon continued with our fun Dog Show to give all the Border Terriers present chance to shine in front of our guest judge, Sarah Champion, with five classes including:

  • Prettiest girl
  • Handsome boy
  • Best BTW rescue
  • Best trick/obedience
  • Best veteran (7+)

Much star quality and talent was on display and Sarah found judging an incredibly hard task, as once she'd met all the Borders, they were all her favourites!

And here's Trudy who won Best BTW Rescue! 😍

BTW Jubilee Cake
Our day ended with our lovely BTW Jubilee celebration cake, cut by Diana O'Grady with Sarah Champion and Tony Wrenn and shared over a cup of tea and more chat (both human and canine!).  A truly special day to celebrate the milestone of 40 years, with everyone saying how much they had enjoyed the occasion.

Before making the journey home, attendees collected their winnings from our draw of over 50 Tombola prizes (online winning tickets had prizes posted to them this week for those not present).  Our Event ticket draw winner was Sally Rawson, who took home a luxury Waitrose Hamper.

Our celebrity guest, Sarah Champion, was also given a Westcountry Cheese Hamper and a BTW Goodie bag for Buckley & Lola, along with our BTW Jubilee Rosettes.  We were so grateful to Sarah for giving up her Sunday afternoon to be with us and kindly judging for our fun dog show.

We'll give the last word to Sarah . . .

BTW Jubilee winners and attendees

Below are some posts from winners of the Virtual Show and event Fun Dog Show on receiving their Rosettes & goodies, and also winners of our Tombola draw winners, or just people who were there on the day and wanted to share! (in no particular order & only where permissions allow).

And check out amazing Teddy who was our Best in Show  in the BTW Jubilee Virtual Show.  Proving that at 14 years old, even as a senior #BorderTerrier he absolutely still has that star quality!

Thank you to all At BTW for our Tombola prize which arrived safely yesterday and was a wonderful surprise! The cushion has a very handsome Border on it and this was closely checkout by my Border Tilly who is blind (and lives every day to the full!) and he obviously had the right smell and she curled up with him!! So pleased that you had such a good day last Sunday, we were with you in spirit and many thanks for all your hard work for these β€œ little brown” dogs.  Kind regards Monica & Tilly xx
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