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BTW Jubilee Virtual Show results announced

The results are in for our BTW Jubilee Virtual Show, which allowed so many of you to join our Jubilee celebrations as we kicked off the party early.  Thank you to all of you who submitted so many brilliant photos, you definitely didn't make the job easy for our judges!

Below we give your our results, with all the finalists, class winners and Best in Show, so read on to check out the party.

The classes

Our party opened with a Red Carpet like no other . . . literally! 🤣  There was brilliant creativity as your entries for who your Border Terriers most closely resemble in either looks or mannerisms.  This gave us an amazing line up for the Red Carpet Doggleganger, from Game of Thrones to movie stars, TV stars to pop stars, and all round general superstars.  

You all then partied, well, like animals, also giving us some of the best morning after pictures!  Your Jubilee Kings and Queens made their very regal appearance, along with showing your very faithful Patriotic colours, in true Border Terrier spirit.

We've seen and loved them all!  😍

As we said earlier, it made the judges task a really difficult one, but without further ado, here are the results (please note the Shortlist videos are in no particular order).

Red Carpet Doggleganger

1st - Ted / Clint from Paws / Jaws
Did you say 'We're gonna need a bigger bone'?

2nd - Trudy / Judi Dench
In common with Dame Judi, Trudy is a lady of a certain age who is great fun but can also wither you with one look.

3rd - Hettie / Scarlett Johansson

Special - Bruff / Hacker T Dog
At least 4 months each year, before he is stripped, Bruff looks cery much like Hacker T.Dog - fortunately he’s much nicer!

Special - Beetle / Helen Mirren
Pink to make the boys wink!

Also shortlisted (in no particular order):
Minnie & David Bowie - My special face like Ziggy Stardust. ⚡️
Matilda & Tom Hanks - Matilda’s doppleganger is Tom Hanks in the Green Mile.
Sally & Shane Macgown from The Pogues.
Hobnob & Tormund Giantsbane - Could be twins, they are both ginger, hairy and pretty wild!
Florence & Victoria Beckham - Florence doing her sultry Posh Spice serious face pout!

Party Animals

1st - Trudy, Bruff & Friends
Border terrier beach party - a fun meeting on Crantock beach while all down in Cornwall on holiday & celebrating one Hoodad’s 80th. [Editor's note: what is a group of Border Terriers called . . . maybe a 'chaos of BTs'? 🤣]

2nd - Archie
Archie is nearly 11, but this photo is from his 10th birthday last November when the local pub threw a party for him.

3rd - Wicket
Wicket is a 6 1/2 year old dear quiet boy and a reliable, loyal friend.  HOWEVER get him to a #BTPosse tweetup or make him centre of attention and he fairly comes alive.  Wicket becomes a social butterfly, zooming around meeting people and his palz alike.  He loves to pose and this photo sums up Wicket the Pawty Animal.

Special - Doris & Digby
Party Party 🎉 🍾

Special - Lilly
9yr old, re-homed Border Terrier who is loving her retirement with her sister Foxy, in the Rhins of Galloway at Port Logan, Scotland.

Also shortlisted (in no particular order):
Spike - nothing Spike loves more than an #IceCreamForMark party!
Amber - a truly Norfolk Border although I was born in Suffolk! What a pawty that was!
Roly - the 6 month old border terrier puppy all partied out!
Callie & Kevin - a snippet of the after party! What went on prior to this photo being taken remains a secret!
Matilda - with her best friend Bella taking a selfie #BFFSelfie.

Jubilee King

1st - Teddy
Here's Teddy (who was 14 in August) being King of the Castle, just like he is everywhere else!

2nd - Sam
A rescue originally from BTW now living his best life in Scotland.

3rd - Spike
King of all he surveys and all his #SybilOnTour subjects!

Special - Onslow
Born in the South travelled North as a pup, but proud to be British.

Special - Roly
A 6 month Border Terrier puppy who definitely thinks he is a King and takes pride of place on every bench!

Also shortlisted (in no particular order):
Bruff - proud to be a member of the BTPosse on twitter.
Archie - nearly 11 years old and lives in London but he loves Scotland!
Salvo - proud member of the BTPosse.
Hobnob - likes to think he is master of all he surveys & his entry shows him taking a stroll round 'his estate' in Worcestershire.

Jubilee Queen

1st - Holly
A 7 yo Border Terrier from North Yorkshire, living with 5 year old border terrier, Buddy. In the entry, Holly wears a home crafted crown 👑 to celebrate the Queens Jubilee.

2nd - Matilda
Matilda helping out with her piggy friends, sticking her tongue out!

3rd - Fern
A Lancashire BT adopted from BT Welfare and now living her best life in Cheshire.

Special - Megan
A 10 yo who has lived in the Dorking area all her life and is undisputed Queen of the Coffee Shop at Polesden Lacy, to which she pays a regal visit twice a week.

Special - Trudy
Proud to support the Queen for her Platinum Jubilee.

Also shortlisted (in no particular order):
Bess - Queen Bess of the beach at Lytham, keeping an eye on those partaking of 'refreshment' after a Bess & Friends walk.
Sally - truly The BT Queen of Hearts as a rescue from BTW.  Now 15, Sally came to mend our broken hearts 2 years ago.
Frisa - swims for Scotland!

Patriotic Pup

1st - Chaser
Ten-Hut!  Aboard the USS Hornet docked in Alameda, CA, USA.

2nd - Buddy
A 5 yo Border Terrier & in his entry, Buddy respectfully stands in front of the Union Jack 🇬🇧 for Remembrance Day, showing his true British patriotism.

3rd - Trudy
Getting to grips with Jubilee flag waving!

Special - Onslow
Born in the south, travelled north as a pup. Proud to be British.

Special - Brodie
Plays with his ball dawn till dusk.

Also shortlisted (in no particular order):
Matilda - loves spending time out in the countryside with her family.

Best in Show

So we have the winners for each of our classes as contenders for Best in Show:

Red Carpet Doggleganger - Ted
Party Animals - Trudy, Bruff & Friends
Jubilee King - Teddy
Jubilee Queen - Holly
Patriotic Pup - Chaser

These were then sent to our Guest Judges, Bob & his brilliant staff, Sharon & Gareth, at Be More Bob, who tried to deliberated long and hard but realised it's like asking choosing between your favourite children! Saying, "Ooh, we had to pick quick and not really think about it, else we'll cry!  We choose Teddy! 💙"

So congratulations Teddy - proving to us all that at 14 years old, senior BTs still have 'it' in spades! 😍   You also win our Best in Show voucher for £20 of amazing loot from their store Be More Bob, kindly donated by Bob & his amazing staff.

A note of thanks

Tony Wrenn, Border Terrier Welfare Chairman, says "On behalf of us all at BTW, thank you for submitting all your lovely entries for our BTW Jubilee Virtual Show, they certainly gave our judges a tricky time deliberating over the finalists and winners!   Our grateful thanks to Be More Bob, not only for donating the Best in Show winner voucher, but also for stepping up to the plate to choose the overall winner, no mean feat with such a strong field!"

Well done to all our finalists and we'll be sorting out your certificates, rosettes and prizes to send out to you as soon as they're available.

We also say a huge thank you to everyone who also purchased our BTW Jubilee Tombola tickets and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled after our event this month, to see if you've been lucky again!  If you haven't got tickets yet, you can still purchase them online until Friday 16 September 2022 and they will be available to purchase in person at our BTW Jubilee event on 18 September 2022 too (check our the event details here & book your tickets!).  Any Tombola prizes not collected on the day will be posted out after the event.


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